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Tas Pinggang Waterproof Tahan Air

Tas Pinggang Waterproof Tahan Air

Rp 50.000,-

Bersepeda, lari atau olahraga di musim hujan sekarang bukan halangan lagi. Anda bisa menaruh dompet, handphone atau lainnya tanpa khawatir air akan masuk di tas pinggang ini. Bersepeda menggunakan tas pinggang di dalam jersey juga dapat mengurangi tindak kejahatan penjambretan.

Dimensi = 22cm x 15,5cm
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Tas Handphone Waterproof

Tas Handphone Waterproof Tahan Air

Harga Rp 30.000,-

Narsis di tengah hujan sekarang dapat anda lakukan dengan bantuan tas waterproof ini.
Cocok digunakan untuk lari, bersepeda, hiking, renang dan olahraga outdoor lainnya.

Dimensi : 19,5cm x 11,5cm

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Zefal Z Liner Anti Paku

Anda sering melewati medan yang banyak paku atau beling kaca? Saatnya menggunakan Zefal Z Liner yang akan melindungi ban dalam anda dari benda tajam dan paku di jalan yang anda lalui. Tersedia untuk MTB dan Road Bike

Harga Zefal Z Liner MTB Rp 90.000,-

Harga Zefal Z Liner Road Bike 700x23C Rp 170.000,-

Cara memasang Zefal Z Liner silahkan lihat gambar di bawah ini :

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Halo HeadBand

 Halo HeadBand

Harga Rp 160.000,-

The Halo II Headband is our best-selling headband. Featuring a classic elastic pullover design, the Halo II will fit any head comfortably to redirect sweat and moisture from your eyes and face. Featuring our patented SweatBlock Technology and Dryline® Fabric, these athletic sweatbands will keep up with your high performance training. The Halo II’s are great sweatbands for running, cycling, or virtually any other activity that will work up a sweat. They fit comfortably under helmets and are great headbands for men or women.

Halo II Headband Features:

  • Pullover design is very comfortable
  • Patented SweatBlock Seal channels sweat back and away from the eyes and face!
  • Dryline® fabric absorbs sweat, wicks moisture and dries quickly
  • Will not lose shape, form or stretch out
  • Stays in place during any activity
  • One size fits both men and women
  • Works great under helmets
  • One year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Made in USA

Dryline fabric is a high performance material that quickly evaporates moisture so you stay dry and comfortable. It is lightweight, durable and abrasion resistant. It will not lose it's shape or form.
Dryline VisaEndurance
VisaEndurance technologies combine effective long lasting odor control with moisture management and easy care. It includes a multitude of other performance capabilities that provides overall comfort to the end-user.
Benefits include:
- Controls odor
- Wicks perspiration away from the body
- Dries quickly
- Releases stains
- Soft and breathable

Moisture Management
What does moisture management mean to you? It means the fabric will help keep you dry by wicking away sweat and perspiration from your body when you are working out or working hard. In fact, this wicking property is one of the most important feature in high performance apparel. It helps keep you comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

Antimicrobial Odor Prevention
VisaEndurance is a silver-based antimicrobial. It is powered by silver ions which control the growth of odor causing bacteria and therefore keeps the fabric smelling fresh. The silver ions are actually encased in a ceramic cage and are only released when they come in contact with human sweat.
Stain Releasing
Unlike other synthetic fabrics, VisaEndurance fabrics release the most stubborn stains easily in the wash. VisaEndurance is less likely to pickup other dirt and oil from the wash water, so colors tend to stay the same and do not become "grayed out" over time.

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    Tool Set Sepeda KenLi

    Tool Set Sepeda KenLi

    Harga Rp 425.000,-

    - Hard Plastic Clip Case
    - All You'll Need To Fix/Maintain Bicycle


    - 2 Philips And 2 Flat Screwdriver ( PH1, PH2, #5, #7)
    - Freewheel Remover
    - Small Screwdriver( For Derailleur Adjusment) 125mm Length
    - 8 / 10mm Forged Open Ended Wrench 122mm Length
    - Freewheel Tuner(Chain Whip) 295mm Length
    - 30 /32 + 36/ 40mm Headset Wrench
    - Cone Wrenches(13/15 +14/16mm) 204mm Length
    - Crankarm Extractor
    - Spoke Adjuster 10/12/13/14/15G
    - 1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm Allen Key Set (4/5/6mm Ball-End)
    - Adjustable Bottom Bracket Tool 160mm Length
    - 15/16 +15/17 Pedal Wrench 285mm Length
    - Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool 292mm Length
    - Adjustable Forged Steel Wrench 0 21mm 150mm Length
    - Chian Rivet Extractor
    - 8mm Hex Key Wrench (For Crankarm Removal)
    - 3 Tire Levers
    - 8 /9 / 10mm Hexagonal
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    Cross Power Bank 5800mAh & 8800mAh

    Cross Power Bank 5800mAh & 8800mAh

    Harga Rp 250.000,- (5800mAh)

    Harga Rp 300.000,- (8800mAh)

    - Including Lampu Senter
    - Untuk Cross PowerBank 8800mAh terdapat 2 output sehingga dapat melakukan charger langsung 2 HP.
    - Untuk charger blackberry, ipad, iphone, nokia, samsung, motorolla, NDS, PSP, MP3 dll.
     - Pocket Size
    - Include : 1x portable battery pack, 1x USB Cable/USB Power Cable, 5x Various adapters for universal charging, 1x user manual, 1x Pouch
    - Garansi 1 Bulan

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    Lampu Senter Mount Clamp

    Lampu Senter Mount Clamp for Handlebar

    Rp 35.000,-

    - Untuk Lampu Senternya bisa diklik disini
    - Adjustable Mount Clamp Holder for Bicycle Flashlight
    - Berat 31 gram
    - Material Rubber (Karet)
    - Warna Black
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    Cannondale Mini Tool

    Cannondale Mini Tool Kit

    Kitchen Sink harga Rp 275.000,-

    Just The Facts 6 harga Rp 175.000,-

    Kitchen Sink 13 Piece Mini Tool
    - Berat 149 gram
    - 7075 aluminium sideplates
    - Forged and drawn chrome vanadium tool bits
    - Center Pivot, warpped bit design
    - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm allen, Torx T25, T30, and Philips Bits
    - Chain breaker with 3x spoke wrenches : 2x standard square, 1x Mavic splined

    Just The Facts 6 Mini Tool
    - Berat 74 gram
    - 7075 aluminium sideplates
    - Forged and drawn chrome vanadium tool bits
    - Center Pivot, warpped bit design
    - 3, 4, 5, 6mm allen, Torx T25, and Philips Bits
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    Lap Sepeda Bahan Kulit

    Lap Sepeda Bahan Kulit

    Ukuran kecil Rp 30.000,- (Ukuran ± 20x20cm)

    Ukuran besar Rp 50.000,- (Ukuran ± 35x25cm)

    - Terbuat dari kulit asli
    - Mengkilapkan frame dengan sangat baik, tidak merusak cat, tidak menggores cat dan mengangkat noda debu
    - Karena terbuat dari kulit asli tidak ada ukuran yang pasti
    - Cara membersihkan lap, di rendam dengan sabun mandi jangan memakai bahan detergen
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    Single Speed Converter

    Single Speed Converter

    Harga Rp 275.000,-

    - Single Speed Converter adalah converter untuk mengubah cassete pada sepeda balap atau MTB (Mountain Bike) menjadi single speed seperti sepeda Fixie
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    Power Bank Vinzo 5000mAh

    Power Bank Vinzo 5000mAh

    Harga Rp 275.000,-

    - Untuk charger blackberry, ipad, iphone, nokia, samsung, motorolla, NDS, PSP, MP3 dll.
    - Kapasitas sangat besar up to 5000mAh (Sekitar 400% kapasitas iphone 3G)
    - Pocket Size
    - Auto shut odd power saving mode
    - Charge your device for up to 60 hours of use (Depending on device)
    - DC-In : DC5V/1000mA/DC Out : 5V 750mA
    - Include : 1x portable battery pack, 1x USB Cable/USB Power Cable, 5x Various adapters for universal charging, 1x user manual
    - Garansi 1 Bulan

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    FotoPro Camera Holder

    FotoPro Camera Holder / Tripod for Bike

    Harga Call

    - Standard tripod mount screws directly into your camera or camcorder
    - Velcro straps to create a firm hold to your handlebars, helmet, tree, bicycle or other outdoor gear
    - A great way for cyclists, bikers, and other athletes to record on-the-go action
    - Also the perfect tool for setting up special shots, indoors or out
    - Light weight for easy to storage

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    GU Energy Gel

    GU Energy Gel

    Harga Call or SMS

    - The performance food
    - Tersedia rasa Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Strawberry/banana, Mandarin Orange dan Espresso Love
    - Superior Energy Maximum Recovery
    - Made in USA

    Nutrition Facts

    Serv. Size 1 pack (32g)
    Amount Per Serving 0
    Calories 100
    Calories from Fat 0

    % DV*
    Total Fat 0g 0%
    Saturated Fat 0g 0%
    Trans Fat 0g
    Sodium 55mg 2%
    Potassium 45mg 1%
    Total Carb 25g 8%
    Sugars 5g
    Protein 0g
    Vitamin C 100%
    Vitamin E 100%
    Calcium 2%
    *Percent daily values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
    Launched in 1991, the world’s first energy gel is still the most efficient sports fuel available today. GU’s patented carbohydrate blend delivers high-quality, easily-digested and long-lasting energy for athletes in every sport and at all levels. Our Berkeley-based sports nutrition company started with original GU Energy Gel, a revolutionary and more effective method to keep athletes fueled during exercise and speed their recovery from exertion. Today thousands of elite athletes and millions of endurance enthusiasts around the world agree: GU works.
    A shot of fast-acting natural fructose (fruit sugar) goes straight to work building your energy levels back up while the maltodextrin is quickly absorbed and sent to your muscles. Vital electrolytes keep your blood chemistry in line and hydration levels stable. Calcium keeps your muscles humming and caffeine adds an extra kick to your power.
    Complex carbs in the form of maltodextrin (70-80% of the complex/simple carbohydrates blend) help you maintain glucose levels over time. Citrates (potassium citrate, sodium citrate and citric acid) help speed the conversion of these carbs into energy molecules and mitigate performance-sapping acid build-up in muscles. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, valine and isoleucine, serve as another fuel source, aid in recovery and can improve mental performance and reduce fatigue by limiting the central nervous system’s production of serotonin. Histidine, an essential amino acid, acts alongside the citrates as a buffer that helps neutralize lactic acid build-up in muscles.
    Antioxidant vitamins C & E defend muscles from assault by free radicals. Chamomile works as an anti-inflammatory during and after exercise. Ginger soothes the stomach. Sea salt supplies a host of minerals.
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    Masker Nosk Nose Filter

    Masker Nosk Nose Filter

    Harga Rp 40.000,- /1 pack (Isi 2 Filter + 1 Media Penyimpan Nosk)

    Nosk Nose Filter adalah masker hidung inovasi terbaru untuk para pengendara sepeda atau anda yang sering berada di daerah yang berpolusi udaranya maupun anda yang menderita alergi.

    Terbuat dari 3 lapisan penyaring untuk hidung yang khusus berfungsi saat menghirup udara langsung memblokir berbagai partikel udara kotor, asap, debu, bakteri, polusi dll masuk kedalam rongga hidung. Sangat mudah dipakai, praktis dan berfungsi saat berkendara sepeda atau motor maupun bekerja dilingkungan udara kotor, debu, polusi dll.

    Kemasan 1 pack berisikan 2 pasang Nosk untuk pemakaian selama 3-4 bulan

    Jika kotor cukup di cuci saja dengan air bersih (Jangan menggunakan zat kimia)

    1. 3-Layer Super Filter Functions to Block all Kinds of Dust in the Nasal Cavity and Easy Breathing Guaranteed.
    2. Simple Usage and good external appearance.
    3. Hygienic and Disposable Packaging.
    4. Fog Free on the Eyeglasses.
    5. Comfortable and Natural when Talking.

    * Block pollen, dust, allergens, and airborne particles.
    * Virtually invisible when properly inserted into nostrils.
    * Ease of breathing and comfortable fit guaranteed.
    * Patented 3-layers filter guarantees refreshed air passing through the nasal cavities.
    * Hygienic and mini casing for nasal filters included.
    * Multi-invention awards winning nasal filter.

    Function and Effect
    * Filter particles that cause respiratory problems. Breathing Clean Air.

    * Insert A Set of Filter Caps into the Nasal Cavity (then the Silicon Clip Fastens on Nasal Septum)

    * Cilp:POE, Filters: S/M/S
    High efficient non-toxic 3-layered material makes up the filters, and the transparent clip part is made of licensed non-toxic POE.

    1. Dispose of once used according to the Waste Disposal Regulations.
    2. Do not use in Case of Respiration Trouble or Nasal Skin Irritation.
    3. Only use NOSK for Designated Use.
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    Sticker Pelindung Frame Birzman

    Sticker Pelindung Frame Sepeda Birzman

    Harga Rp 65.000,- /pcs

    Sticker pelindung frame sepeda Birzman sangat cocok untuk semua jenis sepeda baik MTB, Road Bike, Fixie, Sepeda Lipat dll. Lapisan sticker beningnya cukup tebal untuk melindungi frame dari gesekan. Disarankan menggunakan 2 buah sticker untuk melindungi 1 sepeda.

    Frame and Crank Protector

    An ideal material and new design to the protect the frame and crank being scratched.
    - Suitable for all bikes (MTB and Road Bike)
    - How to use: Clean your bike before pasting the protector. Paste it on the frame and crank directly.
    - Warning: Keep out of reach of children.
    - Material: TPU

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    Jam Tangan Heart Rate

    Jam Tangan Heart Rate (Pengukur Detak Jantung)

    Harga Rp 120.000,-

    - 4th Generation Advanced Electrocardiography Technology ECG Sensor provides accurate Heart Rate Measure
    - Built-in ECG Pulse Sensor requires NO chest strap
    - Exercise Heart Rate measure and Resting Heart Rate measure modes
    - Analyst the Heart Rate and calculate the Calories Burnt after exercise
    - Exercise Intensity input for Calories analyzing
    - Exercise Counter with Automatic and Manual override Calorie Counter
    - Chronograph (Stopwatch) with split lap time for recording exercise time
    - Display current Time & Calendar with Alarm and Hourly Chime function
    Instruction for pulse mode:
    1. Press the MODE button until you see the word PULSE at the top of the screen Press and hold the SET button for 2 seconds until you hear a 'beep' and the words "TOUCH SENSOR" blinks at the top of the screen
    2. lightly touch the pad of your finger (the center of 'finger-print' area) to the sensor and hold until pulse read out is given ("Touch sensor" changes to "pulse" and small heart icon blinks)

    Packet content:
    - 100% Brand New,High-quality . (no original box)

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    Tas Sepeda MTB

    Tas Sepeda untuk MTB

    Harga Rp 400.000,-

    - Tas Pelindung sepeda untuk berpergian di lindungi oleh lapisan busa pelindung
    - Panjang 124cm x Lebar 20cm x Tinggi 72cm
    - Including 2 buah tas roda yang sudah di lapisi pelindung busa
    - Terbukti aman dan di coba disini
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    Kamera Holder

    Kamera Holder / Camera Mount for Handlebar

    Harga Rp 80.000,-

    - Brand new and high quality
    - Light weight
    - Supports most digital cameras
    - Flexible size:80x30x60mm or 3.15x1.18x2.36 inch
    - Handlebar Diameter: 1.9cm~2.4cm
    - Easy to install and remove
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    Silicone Strap Bandages Holder

    Silicone Strap Bandages Holder

    Harga Rp 20.000,-

    Untuk mengikat barang-barang seperti GPS, Handphone, lampu, bottlecage, pompa, toolkit, dan lain sebagainya pada handlebar.
    → Can tie an odometer, tools, mobile phone or whatever you want.
    → No Adaptor or extra tools needed
    → Quick-release mounting
    → Universal Fit
    → Super light Weight
    → Can pull up to 350mm without breakage or deform
    → Material: Silicone
    → SIZE : 22mm x 140mm
    → Color : Yellow/White/Blue/Red/Black

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    Powerlink SRAM

    Powerlink / Power Lock / Quicklink/ Penyambung Rantai SRAM

    Harga Rp 40.000,- /pcs

    - Untuk menyambung rantai yang putus dalam waktu yang cepat
    - Tersedia untuk rantai 8 speed, 9 speed dan 10 speed
    - Compatible with Shimano Chain
    - PowerLink™ connection is just as strong and durable as every other link in the chain
    - It can be opened and closed as may times as you want without using any tools
    10SP Links are POWERLOCK, they fit together but then are not designed to come apart again.
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