Ultimate Ceramic Bearing UCB Pulley

 Delrin Light 11T Full Ceramic Bearings(Pair) Pulley / Jockey Wheels

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UCB merupakan bearing resmi yang di pakai oleh team SKY
Untuk spesifikasi silahkan klik di http://www.ultimateceramicbearings.co.uk/product.php?id_product=10

Utilising Hi-Definition processing, to give precise machining of our Delrin material to deliver perfect shifting and wear charicteristics. The lightweight design of these Jockey wheels is ideal for premium upgrades.   Our 11T model is just 17 grams per pair inc our full ceramic bearings..work well with all new Di2 system.

With our cnc process we can make the most accurate precison parts, that truly enhance the performance. Add to this our bearings in full ceramic, or the revolutionary Auxilium Nano dry, we offer the rider a choice, and giving the lowest co-efficient drag factor available, giving true performance.
tFor the ultimate in precision, there really is no better choice, chosen by national and world champions...athletes who have come to realise the benefits UCB products offer.
  • Highest level of optimal  machining
  • Minute tolerance fit and run out
  • Aerospace graded Delrin ingets sourced from reputable makers only
  • Di2 and Ui2 compatible 
  • Aerospace grade Delrin material
  • Available  in 11T versions
  • Full ceramic or our revolutionary dry lube performance bearings
  • Choice of centre cap alloy caps
  • 2 year Warranty on bearings and wheels* conditions apply*
  • Sram bolt adaptor shim included In the pack
  • supplied as complete set of 2 (one pair of wheels complete)


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