Helm Urge EndurOmatic

Helm Urge EndurOmatic

Harga Rp 1.100.000,-

Inspired by DH and Enduro riding but suitable for all disciplines, featuring an optimized surface of protection, with «in mould» technology. 8 round vents (30mm diameter) are positioned in order to create a Venturi effect. Air flow is regulated by internal channels. The weight of the visor is close to 0 grams and its material is flexible, which helps prevent injuries in the event of a crash. Its design contributes to create the internal Venturi effect by guiding air into the vents.

Comfort is guaranteed by soft, removable and washable pads. The frontal pad features a very simple and unique innovation: the «Gangsta pad» Passing just under the mould (around15MM) and being in contact with the air while riding, this part of the pad remains dry and absorbs sweat.

Fitted for Enduro, All Mountain, Hard XC, Single speed and City use.

In short, the Endur-o-matic is the new standard, unique in several ways. This is the helmet you ought to ride with. With its smart shape, the only thing you still have to do is create the style that goes with it!
2 shell sizes: S/M (54/57cm) and L/XL (58/60cm), delivered with pads of different thickness in the box to fit your head perfectly.

•CE1078 Certification
•In Mould construction (unmatched ratio Protection / Lightweight)
•Internal Venturi Effect
•Stylish and flexible, anti crash visor
•Featuring Gangsta pad, anti sweat system
•Available in 2 sizes (S/M, L/XL)
•Weight: 319 g


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