Saddle Selle Anatomica

Saddle Selle Anatomica Titanico X

Harga Rp 1.999.000,-

- Kami menyediakan test saddle untuk anda coba, silahkan hubungi kami langsung
- For Riders weighing 85 to 128 kg, aggressive riders from 65 kg.
- Comfortable saddle from watershed leather with CrMo rails, in many different colours.
- Dual laminate helps to increase the longevity of the saddle and still provide the right amount of elasticity under your sitbones.

- The world's most comfortable bicycle saddle
- Made In USA 

What makes Selle An-Atomica different?1. Waterproof maintenance free leather - Standard leather saddle are formed with cold water, this makes them unprotected in the rain, even if you do take that pretty shower-cap with you. The complicated tanning process waterproofs the leather and lets you concentrate more about riding than worrying about the weather.
2. Comfort - Bike riding should not hurt. Tom Milton is an active long-distance bike rider. He tested his prototypes in the worst conditions possible. Example: The last Paris-Brest-Paris long-distance, non-stop race over 1200km where it rained for 5 days. Anatomic 3D modeled rear frame form and molded leather piece including molded in sit bone dimples mean that the Selle An-Atomica Sattel rides from the first moment "out-of-the-box" like an broken-in saddle. Even "once in a while" riders will profit from this comfort feature. And they will ride more for it. 
Selle An-Atomica also gives you adjustable pelvic basin region soft tissue and skeletal suspension and shock absorption which is more and more important these days with bike frame designers and manufacturers striving to build ever stiffer frames which results in chronic back problems throughout professional racing.
3. Health - Anatomic perinea pressure relief slot. Selle An-Atomica is not just comfortable, it won't stop you having children ;>)). On the Selle An-Atomica website there are many important links to the very thorough R&D tests made by Tom Milton and his physicians. In this documentaion Tom takes time to explain why he chose the shape of the slot as being the best solution for men and women. He also clears up some of the unfounded theories that are common in the bike industry about saddles. This is good reading.
4. Adjustment - Chom-Moly frame with extra long rail adjustment with 4-5 cm more rail length than other competitor products. Also you can change the tension of the leather with an allen key. This lets you find the optimal sitting position
 5. Colour – The Selle An-Atomica saddles come in eight standard colours: Black, White, Red, Mahogony, Chocolate, Golden Brown, Yellow and Pink. These colours give your bike that eye-catching sexy look!
 6. Seating position help – Every Selle An-Atomica saddle comes with an illustrated adjustment procedure pamphlet, to make sure you get the most out of your saddle.


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