Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor

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- This heart rate monitor has a soft fabric strap and is more comfortable than ever before. Plus, it's optimized for use in congested areas like gym classes and starting lines.
- It's water resistant to 30 m
- Compatible products for this item are:
Colorado® 300, Colorado® 400c, Colorado® 400i, Colorado® 400t, Dakota® 20, Edge® 205, Edge® 305, Edge® 500, Edge® 705, Edge® 800, Forerunner® 110, Forerunner® 210, Forerunner® 305, Forerunner® 310XT, Forerunner® 405, Forerunner® 405CX, Forerunner® 410, Forerunner® 50, Forerunner® 610, Forerunner® 910XT, Foretrex® 401, FR60, FR70, Garmin ANT+™ adapter for iPhone®, Garmin Fit™, GPSMAP® 62s, GPSMAP® 62sc, GPSMAP® 62st, GPSMAP® 62stc, GPSMAP® 78s, GPSMAP® 78sc, Montana™ 600, Montana™ 650, Montana™ 650t, Oregon® 300, Oregon® 400c, Oregon® 400i, Oregon® 400t, Oregon® 450, Oregon® 450t, Oregon® 550, Oregon® 550t, Rino® 650, Rino® 655t


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