Saddle Tioga Spyder

Sadel Tioga Spyder

Harga Rp 750.000,-

- Tersedia warna hitam dan putih
- A super lightweight, 140g saddle with unmatched level of shock absorption and comfort unimaginable from its stunning appearance.

How much of the shock is your saddle absorbing? The thin padding typically found on racing saddles serves the purpose of conforming to the sit-bone for initial comfort, but undoubtedly, such thin pad can do very little for shock absorption. This is because the thin padding on racing saddles further reduces its thickness by compression once the rider sits on the saddle. When the thin pad combined with a hard base is unable to absorb much shock at all, the sit-bone and the spine are subjected to impacts even the most hardcore cyclist should avoid.

The SPYDER maximizes comfort and performance -- and proves that a saddle can be comfortable without any padding.
Like a padded saddle, the web base of the SPYDER saddle flexes and conforms to the sit-bone, but that's where their similarities end.

Unlike the conventional rigid base plus padding construction, the web pattern provides much better shock-absorbing flex so the saddle, not you, absorbs more of the bump. Some of the exclusive technologies found on the SPYDER saddle are:
- Patent pending SPYDER WEB shell technology with strategically placed cutouts tuned for up to 78% more flex, which literally translates to additional shock absorption, than same shell without SPYDER WEB.
- ARC FLEX rail bosses especially tuned to match the characteristic of the SPYDER WEB shell suspend the rails and allow flex on impact for further shock absorption.
- Raised saddle rails incorporated to allow more room for the saddle base to flex, which directly translate to better shock absorption, without fear of the base coming into contact with the seat post.

In sum, much in contrast with the rigid form of a traditional saddle, the SPYDER is a super-light alternative that provides better support for you, the rider.


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