Speedometer Cat Eye Commuter Wireless

CC-COM10W Cat Eye COMMUTER Wireless

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The first ever cycle computer specifically designed for commuters and those who ride for transportation, errands, and utility.

Critical trip details make the CatEye Commuter Computer the best option for making your rides stress-free. Estimated Time of Arrival, clock, temperature, and back light help you stay on schedule. The new larger font size makes it even easier to read trip details with a quick glance. Carbon Offset information is included along with standard computer features so you will not only feel better from the ride, you’ll feel better about the ride.

The Carbon Offsets are computed by using a fixed 150g/km or 240g/mile figure and multiplying it by the distance ridden. It tracks it in real time and shows day to day, week to week, month to month and total carbon saved.

The innovative FlexTight™ bracket mounts quickly, securely and without tools to virtually any handlebar or stem. The tool-free speed sensor mounts effortlessly to any standard fork.

Instruction manuals, quick start documents, and product videos are available here.

- ETA (Estimated time of arrival)
- Temperature
- Current, average & maximum speed
- Trip distance
- Elapsed time
- 12/24 hour clock

- Calendar from 1/1/00 to 12/31/99 in dd/mm, mm/dd formats
- Programmable total distance (initial setup only)
- Distances: today & yesterday, this & last week, this & last month, this & last year, total distance
- Carbon Offset: today & yesterday, this & last week, this & last month, this & last year, total carbon offset (offset 150g carbon/km or 240g/mile)
- Total time
- One tire size
- Backlight with night mode
- Visual 10 segment count-up distance to destination with arrival alert
- ClickTec™ button technology
- New FlexTight™ bracket
- Average speed pacer
- Auto start/stop
- Auto power-save mode (date & clock)
- Sleep mode

- Fits almost any handlebar or stem: 22-31.8mm
- Fits almost any fork: 11-55mm
- Battery: CR2032 x 2 (1 each for head unit and sensor)


Unknown said...

speedometer commuternya, solar energy tail lamp, ama bell cateye udah sampe dengan selamat..recommended seller nih...rencana hari rabu atau kamis ini mau ke jakarta nih mengunjungi tokonya bro..heheheeheheh.

Unknown said...

Pak.. barang masih ada.. berapa harganya ?

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