Masker G-Flow

Masker G-Flow Air Filtration

Harga Rp 150.000,- (Warna Fire atau Warna Putih)

Harga Rp 125.000,- (Warna Biru)

In a world where many people want to make a difference by riding to work on a scooter or bicycle, G-Flow is your first line of defense.
G-Flow filters out air-borne pollutants as well as allergens, while allowing unrestricted breathing during activities that require you to perform at a high level excersion.
- Active Carbon Clean Air Mask
- Paket : 1 Mask & 2 Active Carbon Filters
- Made In Taiwan


Delly R. Perdana said...

Jual filternya juga nggak ko?

cadex said...

kok ada perbedaan harga om yg biru dan yg lain?

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