Hub Novatec "Flip Flop" Fixie

32 Hole Novatec Single Speed "Flip Flop" Front & Rear Hub Set

Harga Rp 725.000,- (warna merah)

Harga Rp 710.000,- (warna silver)

Front & rear Novatec 32 hole alloy track hubs, with smooth rolling Japanese cartridge bearings. Perfect for fixie conversions and winter training projects. The double sided "Flip-Flop" rear hub provides the opportunity to ride on two fixed rear sprockets of differing sizes. Hub set includes front & rear black Novatec hubs, chromed track nuts and lockrings.

Product Details
- Flip flop rear hub suitable for threaded fixed sprockets.
- Large flange front & rear alloy hubs with sealed cartridge bearings.
- 130mm Rear axle
- 115mm Front axle
- Weight: Front 198g with track nuts
- Weight: Rear 286g with lock ring & track nuts.


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