Fender Belakang Lampu V-Grip

Spakbor/Fender Belakang Lampu V-Grip Led Combination

Harga Rp 250.000,-

- Led Fender is a global pioneer design for fender and Led light combination. It makes the fender not only single fender but also multi-functions.
- 160 hrs of continuous usage/1 pc battery
- Adjust the best angel w/o any tool easily for quick-release clamp on seat post
- Made in Taiwan
- http://www.v-grip.com.tw


rizky_na said...

Pertamax Gan! tertarik untuk beli. include ongkir brp gan? (jaksel)

Geo said...

Kaskuser detected!
Yg penting page one, gan!

Ane juga tertarik, ada rencana jual model lain gak?
Di website v-grip, modelnya bagus2

syn said...

kalo yg type ini V-SS1LED/OTFR

ada? how much?

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