LJI Chain Wax for Bike

LJI Chain Wax for Bike

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LJI Chain Wax for Bike is an advanced, high performance Synthetic Self-Cleaning Wax Lubricant for bike. It provides self-cleaning ability and excellent protection for chains, open gears and exposed metal surfaces subjected to severe loading. In addition, it works extremely well even in abrasive, cold, wet or acidic environments

- Self Cleaning Wax Lubricant
- German Technology
- Best Chain Lube


Unknown said...

plus ongir ni gan

ronald said...

brp sampai tarakan-kaltim>

Unknown said...

sampe ke pangkalan bun (kalteng) brp an ya gan?

Bicycle Chain Produk Perawatan said...

bosss.... ini masih di jual? hehehehe

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