Hub Chris King

Hub Chris King

Harga Rp 5.500.000,- (Ada Diskon)

Tersedia warna merah, hitam dan biru

Chris King hubs, some of the most highly sought after components in the bicycle industry, are both engineering masterpieces and examples of meticulous craftsmanship. Those who have taken them apart and seen how they work often compare the precision and detail to that of the inner workings of a watch. Yet they're light, strong and easy to service.

All of our rear hubs utilize our patented RingDrive™ engagement mechanism. RingDrive™ uses 72 engagement teeth on each drive ring. That means the hub engages over 3 times quicker than the standard 24 tooth pawl-type freehub. Trying to get started again in the middle of a steep uphill section? Going for the surprise jump to drop your buddies? This unique design offers instant and positive engagement that's capable of handling a torque load of over 800ft/lbs, or over three times more than most other high end hubs we've tested. It is the heart of our hub and all the rest is built around it.

Other unique features include our ultra stiff 19.5mm constant diameter axle (through the bearings to the dropouts), our time tested and proven bearings, and a 5 year warranty. All of our hubs are easily adjustable and simple to work on, requiring only two hex wrenches and a pen knife for regular maintenance.


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