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Tas Pinggang Waterproof Tahan Air

Tas Pinggang Waterproof Tahan Air

Rp 50.000,-

Bersepeda, lari atau olahraga di musim hujan sekarang bukan halangan lagi. Anda bisa menaruh dompet, handphone atau lainnya tanpa khawatir air akan masuk di tas pinggang ini. Bersepeda menggunakan tas pinggang di dalam jersey juga dapat mengurangi tindak kejahatan penjambretan.

Dimensi = 22cm x 15,5cm
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Tas Handphone Waterproof

Tas Handphone Waterproof Tahan Air

Harga Rp 30.000,-

Narsis di tengah hujan sekarang dapat anda lakukan dengan bantuan tas waterproof ini.
Cocok digunakan untuk lari, bersepeda, hiking, renang dan olahraga outdoor lainnya.

Dimensi : 19,5cm x 11,5cm

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Tas Sepeda Evoc

Tas Sepeda berkualitas untuk travel merk Evoc

Harga Call or SMS

Multiple award winner: Bike transport bag for trips by plane, car or train. No matter if Triathlon, Roadbike, XC, DH, FR or Enduro bike within minutes everything is stowed away and packed safely. All you need to do is dismantle the handlebar, pedals and wheels.

Spesifikasi Bike Bag Evoc :
Volume: 280 l
Weight: 8.6kg
Size: 135 x 80 x 38 cm (Inside: 128 x 78 x 25 cm)
Material: P 600/D PU coated, EVOC Tarpaulin, (multicolour: Nylon 210/D Ripstop PU coated, EVOC Tarpaulin)
Also fits 29 bikes
Including FRAME PAD
2 separate wheel compartments on the sides
3 separate compartments for smaller parts (pedals, quick release skewers, tools, etc.)
8 carry handles (2 on each side) for smooth handling
Wide, stable heavy-duty undercarriage with smoothly running skate wheels (replaceable)
Lockable zips
Collapsible to size 135 cm x 38 cm x 30 cm


The measurements of the Bike Travel Bag are dimensioned so that you can load virtually any bike easily and safely from downhill bikes, 29 inch bikes to triathlon bikes.

The glass-fibre reinforced plastic rods are detachable, so that when you wish to store the bag it can be folded down to a height of only 30 cm.

The more fragile portions are protected by reinforcing elements in neuralgic areas (plastic/PE plates and rods, foam padding).

As the frame is positioned upright, the areas of the bike that can take stress (saddle-saddle post-down tube; front set-head tube-fork) are actively used to deflect impact and pressure from the exterior.

The wheel compartments and the major part of the weight are in the rear area of the bag, which means that the centre of gravity is focussed on the wide, stable running gear. This makes it easy to pull the bag and numerous, cleverly positioned handles make it easy to handle the bag when loading it anywhere.

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Tas Sepeda Hardcase

Tas Sepeda Hardcase


Dijual tas sepeda hardcase cocok untuk melindungi sepeda anda baik mtb maupun road bike.
Bahan berkualitas sehingga aman dalam traveling baik pesawat maupun darat.

Harga belum termasuk ongkir, kondisi 100% baru

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Tas Sepeda MTB

Tas Sepeda untuk MTB

Harga Rp 400.000,-

- Tas Pelindung sepeda untuk berpergian di lindungi oleh lapisan busa pelindung
- Panjang 124cm x Lebar 20cm x Tinggi 72cm
- Including 2 buah tas roda yang sudah di lapisi pelindung busa
- Terbukti aman dan di coba disini
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Birzman Zyklop Navigator Bag

Birzman Zyklop Navigator Bag BM10-P0-TTB-01

Harga Rp 130.000,-

- Design for outdoor traveling
- Upper transparent cover pocket unique designed for i-Phone, GPS or map
- Interior sized for tyr lever, repair kits, mini tool
- Water resistant material
- Velcro design adjustable for fix ont top/head tube
- Ukuran : Panjang 16cm x Lebar 9cm x Tinggi 8cm

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Tas Saddle Birzman F2

Tas Saddle Birzman F2

Harga Rp 230.000,-

DesignStems from Hard Surface Fruits.
The Hard Case Cover Protects the Saddle Bag and the inside Contents from Damage.

Hard Shell design provides additional Water Resistance.
- Easy Quick- Connection System
- A Great looking carbon pattern finish to complete the overal streamline apprearance
- ABS +TPU Casing
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Front Tube Bag

Front Tube Bag (Tas Sepeda Depan)

Harga Rp 80.000,-

- Easy attachable to head tube with velcro
- Two side bag and top is mobile pack , quick And efficient opening
- Material: 600 D Nylon
- Side bag size: Lenght:14cm, Width:10.5cm, thickness:4.5cm (Single Compartment)

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Neo Saddle Bag

Big Ribbon - Neo Saddle Bag (Tas Sadel)

Harga Rp 150.000,-

Panjang 14cm x Lebar 9cm x Tinggi 9,5cm

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Tas Saddle Scott Gazelle

Tas Saddle Scott Gazele Light
Harga Rp 185.000,-

Tas Saddle Scott Gazelle KF (Lebih Panjang dan Besar)
Harga Rp 200.000,-

Small tool saddle bag with inside webbing loops for tools. Waterproof zips. Velcro fastening on saddle. Reflective elements. Rear light loop. Material: 420D polyester, Tarpaulin
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