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Frame Pivot FireBird 2012

Frame Pivot FireBird 2012

Harga Rp 18.800.000,-

- Tersedia warna hitam (Anodized Jet Black) dan putih (Alpine White/Red)

Born from the same technology that won six Downhill World Championship titles, it’s no wonder the Firebird descends “like a bat outta’ hell”. What mystifies the competition is how a bike so adept at going fast downhill can also climb with such skill and ease that dropping bikes with less travel when going up is a common occurrence. Built with 6.6” of dw-link® rear suspension, tuned for awesome pedaling efficiency, the Firebird is the ultimate long travel trail bike.

Climbing and acceleration are lightning fast, and rocky descents are devoured. It’s so incredibly good that Mountain Bike Action named it one of the 25 most important bikes of all time because of its astounding range of versatility. Life might be all about compromises, but the Firebird isn’t.

• We’ve built a bike that can climb as well as it descends. The dw-link’s® position-sensitive anti-squat characteristics make for exceptional climbing and snappy acceleration.

• Relaxed 67° head angle, and low bottom bracket height, make for excellent cornering and great stability and increased rider confidence on the trail and on the race course.

• 6.6” (167mm) rear travel and 160mm to 180mm fork compatibility (170mm standard).

• Rearward wheel travel path for incredible square edge bump performance and unparalleled pedaling performance.
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