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Masker Nosk Nose Filter

Masker Nosk Nose Filter

Harga Rp 40.000,- /1 pack (Isi 2 Filter + 1 Media Penyimpan Nosk)

Nosk Nose Filter adalah masker hidung inovasi terbaru untuk para pengendara sepeda atau anda yang sering berada di daerah yang berpolusi udaranya maupun anda yang menderita alergi.

Terbuat dari 3 lapisan penyaring untuk hidung yang khusus berfungsi saat menghirup udara langsung memblokir berbagai partikel udara kotor, asap, debu, bakteri, polusi dll masuk kedalam rongga hidung. Sangat mudah dipakai, praktis dan berfungsi saat berkendara sepeda atau motor maupun bekerja dilingkungan udara kotor, debu, polusi dll.

Kemasan 1 pack berisikan 2 pasang Nosk untuk pemakaian selama 3-4 bulan

Jika kotor cukup di cuci saja dengan air bersih (Jangan menggunakan zat kimia)

1. 3-Layer Super Filter Functions to Block all Kinds of Dust in the Nasal Cavity and Easy Breathing Guaranteed.
2. Simple Usage and good external appearance.
3. Hygienic and Disposable Packaging.
4. Fog Free on the Eyeglasses.
5. Comfortable and Natural when Talking.

* Block pollen, dust, allergens, and airborne particles.
* Virtually invisible when properly inserted into nostrils.
* Ease of breathing and comfortable fit guaranteed.
* Patented 3-layers filter guarantees refreshed air passing through the nasal cavities.
* Hygienic and mini casing for nasal filters included.
* Multi-invention awards winning nasal filter.

Function and Effect
* Filter particles that cause respiratory problems. Breathing Clean Air.

* Insert A Set of Filter Caps into the Nasal Cavity (then the Silicon Clip Fastens on Nasal Septum)

* Cilp:POE, Filters: S/M/S
High efficient non-toxic 3-layered material makes up the filters, and the transparent clip part is made of licensed non-toxic POE.

1. Dispose of once used according to the Waste Disposal Regulations.
2. Do not use in Case of Respiration Trouble or Nasal Skin Irritation.
3. Only use NOSK for Designated Use.
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Masker G-Flow

Masker G-Flow Air Filtration

Harga Rp 150.000,- (Warna Fire atau Warna Putih)

Harga Rp 125.000,- (Warna Biru)

In a world where many people want to make a difference by riding to work on a scooter or bicycle, G-Flow is your first line of defense.
G-Flow filters out air-borne pollutants as well as allergens, while allowing unrestricted breathing during activities that require you to perform at a high level excersion.
- Active Carbon Clean Air Mask
- Paket : 1 Mask & 2 Active Carbon Filters
- Made In Taiwan

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