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Pompa Birzman Zacoo Next 5°

Zacoo Next 5° BM10-ZC-5D-02-S & BM10-ZC-5D-02-K

Harga Rp 475.000,-

E-Class Zacoo 5 degree floor pump-Advanced design originates from Birzman primier 5 degree floor pump
1. Stable base with twin handle for firm grip.
2. The body tilts 5 degrees towards the user, providing ergonomic comfort.
3. CNC machined alloy handle with die casting base
4. Straigh alloy body
5. Up to 220psi / 15Bar
6. Tersedia warna black dan silver
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Pompa Shock Birzman Zacoo Dagger

Pompa Shock Birzman Zacoo Dagger

Harga Rp 275.000,-

- Up to 20Bar/300Psi
- Zacoo pump id designed with a stylish exterior
- With adjustable valve to help release and adjust pressure
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Sticker Pelindung Frame Birzman

Sticker Pelindung Frame Sepeda Birzman

Harga Rp 65.000,- /pcs

Sticker pelindung frame sepeda Birzman sangat cocok untuk semua jenis sepeda baik MTB, Road Bike, Fixie, Sepeda Lipat dll. Lapisan sticker beningnya cukup tebal untuk melindungi frame dari gesekan. Disarankan menggunakan 2 buah sticker untuk melindungi 1 sepeda.

Frame and Crank Protector

An ideal material and new design to the protect the frame and crank being scratched.
- Suitable for all bikes (MTB and Road Bike)
- How to use: Clean your bike before pasting the protector. Paste it on the frame and crank directly.
- Warning: Keep out of reach of children.
- Material: TPU

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Birzman Zyklop Navigator Bag

Birzman Zyklop Navigator Bag BM10-P0-TTB-01

Harga Rp 130.000,-

- Design for outdoor traveling
- Upper transparent cover pocket unique designed for i-Phone, GPS or map
- Interior sized for tyr lever, repair kits, mini tool
- Water resistant material
- Velcro design adjustable for fix ont top/head tube
- Ukuran : Panjang 16cm x Lebar 9cm x Tinggi 8cm

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Birzman Tire Lever

Birzman Wedge Tire Lever BM09-WG

Harga Rp 20.000,-

Easyily pops the tire off the rims without damaging the rims and puncturing the inner tubes.
Air release function also added on the back.
Ergonomic design and hardness strengthened.
Material : Fiber Reinforced Plastic
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Birzman Feextube

Birzman Feextube BM09-P0-AFT-05-K

Harga Rp 80.000,-

Feextube is another innovative design from FEEX series. A patch kit with a stylish cosmetic appearance that is very easy to use.

1. Easer-like stainless scuffer, providing comfort grip with 9 speed/ 10 speed chain connector and pin
2. Three glueless patches and one tire boots
3. Combination of Misty Black and Silver finishes
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Birzman Mini Tools 17 Functions

Birzman Feexman Stainless Mini Tools 17 Functions BM09-FM-S17-SS

Harga Rp 225.000,-

Material :
Chain Rivet Panel : Stainless Steel
Side Panels : Stainless Steel
Bits : CR-V (6150)
17 Function :
- Chain Rivet Extractor
- Spoke Bits 3.4mm/3.3mm/4.4mm/4.3mm
- Cross Head Screwdriver #1
- Flat Head Screwdriver 5.5
- Special Spoke Bit for Mavic Rims Spoke
- Tire Lever
- Hexkey T25/2mm/2.5mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm
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Birzman Zacoo Co2 Set

Birzman Zacoo Co2 Set BM10-P0-AZC-01

Harga Rp 165.000,-

Refill Co2 (3 buah) Rp 65.000,-

- CNC Finished Body
- Coldness Insulation Function
- Comes with a Special Material Coldness
- Insulation Grip
- 3 Pcs CO2 Cartridges and a CO2 Joint
- You can use it with other CO2 refiliers compatible with all treaded CO2 Cartridges
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Pompa Zacco Mini Birzman

Pompa Zacco Mini Birzman

Rp 180.000,-

- Mini size, easy to carry
- For Presta & Schrader
- 15 cm up to 160psi
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Tas Saddle Birzman F2

Tas Saddle Birzman F2

Harga Rp 230.000,-

DesignStems from Hard Surface Fruits.
The Hard Case Cover Protects the Saddle Bag and the inside Contents from Damage.

Hard Shell design provides additional Water Resistance.
- Easy Quick- Connection System
- A Great looking carbon pattern finish to complete the overal streamline apprearance
- ABS +TPU Casing
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