Weldtite Bike Care Kit

Weldtite Bike Care Kit

- Weldtite Dirtwash Chain Degreaser Machine Rp 275.000,-
- Weldtite Bike Care Kit Rp 200.000,-
- Weldtite Dirtwash Cycle Cleaning Brushes Rp 120.000,-
- Weldtite Dirtwash Sprocket Cleaning Brush Rp 65.000,-

Bike Care Kit (Dry)

  • Citrus Degreaser (75ml)
  • TF2 Dry (75ml)
  • Sprocket Brush
  • Three Cyclo Glass Nylon Tyre Levers
  • Puncture Repair Kit

Dirt Trap Chain Degreaser Machine

Chain driven degreasing machine with four-sided brush action, with a 75ml bottle of citrus degreaser. Suitable for all bicycle chains & motorcycle chains with a maximum pin length of 8mm.
  • Reservoir enabling application of clean chain degreaser directly onto chain
  • Derailleur anchor arm for hands-free operation
  • Strong chemical resistant casing
  • See through with removable brushes for easy cleaning

Dirtwash Brush Set (2)

Ideal brush set for cleaning cycles. High quality, tough construction
  • Frame and tyre wrap around brush
  • Multi brush for cleaning chain/gear systems
  • Tapered brush for around brakes, spokes etc
  • Comfortable, easy grip, moulded handle for non slip cleaning

Sprocket Cleaning Brush

Multi functional brush perfect for cleaning cycle drive chain/gear systems
  • Reaches deep between sprockets to remove any stubborn grit/dirt
  • High quality, tough constructions. Solvent resistant nylon brushes


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