JetBlack M1 Pro-Magnetic Trainer

 JetBlack M1 Pro-Magnetic Trainer 

Harga Rp 2.000.000,-

The M1 Pro Magnetic Trainer has a bar mount remote control which boasts five levels of adjustable resistance curves.
It comes equipped with a HYDROGEL Roller, which reduces noise by 55%, and tyre wear by 25-30% - giving you the ultimate quiet and smooth ride.

JetBlack SRS
JetBlack’s new SRS Smart Release System is a simple and secure way to quickly mount your bike on your trainer.
Adjustment is made at one side and a quick-release lever operates on the other, so once you have got your trainer set up for your bike mounting it is a breeze. And, the adjustment means if you have more than one bike - no problem, you can quickly set up for that one too.
JetBlack Coaching
Every new 2012 JetBlack trainer comes with a CD coaching session bundled in. This has been designed by an Olympic level coach to help riders get into a proper training session on their new trainer.
More coaching sessions can be downloaded from the JetBlack Coaching section of our website JetBlack Coaching.
The New JetBlack Coaching website features: Training sessions available to download including
power output sessions,
interval training, hill climbing sessions and much more…
Indoor Training blog with training advice, input and FAQ by an Olympic Team Coach…
Training zone calculator
Pedalling technique video


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